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Gift of Hand

We make 3D-printed mechanical hands and arms for children and we give them away for free.

The Inclusion vertical of AarogyaSeva has been growing strong year after year. Being the organizing partner at India Inclusion Summit for several years and having worked with pioneers like Major D P Singh, Dr Daya was on the lookout for a breakthrough in upper limb prosthetics to match the blade and the Jaipur foot being available for lower limb prosthesis.
Around the same time 3 D printed prosthetics started emerging in the US and UK. However, these were mostly prototypes or demo models and were not available at scale, specially to the communities that needed them.

This led to Dr Daya actively seeking out models that could be picked out of showcases and handed over to needy children in low and middle income countries, free of cost - conceiving the Gift of Hand project.

Eventually in January 2016 Dr Daya reached out to Jon Schull - founder of the e-NABLE movement and a RIT professor to collaborate, heralding a new beginning!

Conventional prosthetics, conventionally delivered, reach only a small fraction of the people who need them.

We make 3D-printed  mechanical hands and arms for children and we give them away for free.